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AC 660

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Pneumatic tube systems for one and two operations for deposits in cash and provide change. Single-zone system provides up to 98 stations functioning transponder, remote control and reportingAC660

AC 1000

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AC1000A microprocessor intelligent control system can link up to 99 stations. It offers automatic departure to the required position and put the carrier in the system being used by others.


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Cash handling systems from Aerocom like the AC6000 MultiCash system connects checkout points AC6000
with a receiving station (a safe or lockable cabinet door) located in a secure area such as a main office. Stations can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on the layout and design of the checkout area. Typical applications include banks, toll stations, casinos and supermarkets. The PC or microprocessor controlled MultiCash system allows total control and flexibility.

Features of the AC6000/MultiCash System

  • PC or microprocessor controlled system
  • Graphical windows platform available
  • Extendable up to 50 stations
  • Remote maintenance
  • Report generator for all despatch and receiving activities
  • Data exchange of all sending information
  • All despatch information will be displayed
  • Authorisation at the sending stations with swipe-card, pin-code or with transponder reader

Continuous monitoring of electronics and power supply devices


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The AC3000′s sending and receiving stations are the perfect solution for today’s busy hospital environment. Their thru-station design allows Aerocom engineers to design a system using a minimum amount of tubing. Not only does this reduce system cost, but it also simplifies installation.

Maximum number of zones: 512
Arrival signals per station: 64

Diverter:2-way / 3-way / 4-way (for OD 110)
Operation mode:Fully automatic multi-zone-system — reversing operation.

ac3000 system example1

 Configuring the application

In this system, independent of the stage of operation, at any station a carrier can be stored. Once inserted into the station, a carrier will always be transported by the most direct route to its destination. After one sending process has been completed, the next carrier will start. All stations and diverter types can be used in one zone.

  Configuring multiple areas

 In contrast to the single zone system, the multi-zone system can be divided into various independent working zones. The AC3000 allows up to 64 zones. These zones are inter-connected by a transfer system. Inside this transfer area, the carriers are stored in so-called waiting lines. They continue on their route, when the receiving zone is free. Because each zone has an independent air supply, transmission can take place simultaneously. This will increase the performance of the system tremendously. In the configuration example below, up to 10 transmissions can occur simultaneously

ac3000 system example2


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Maximum number of stations:1 main station with up to 61 sub-stations
Maximum number of lines:1
Arrival signals per station:1
Diverter:2-way / 3-way
Operation mode:Reversing system for transport between 1 main station and up to 61 sub-stations. The main station can communicate with each substation and vice versa. The substations cannot correspond with another.

Features of the AC24M System

  • Fully automatic, variable, microprocessor controlled system
  • The central control unit is built-in into the main station
  • The operation of the central control unit is done by means of the keyboard of the main-station. Feed backs are shown in the display of the station.
  • System layout as desired, branching by 2- or 3-way-diverters
  • Different station types
  • Pneumatically deceleration of arriving carriers
  • Data protection by code number
  • Interfaces: Serial Current-Loop, as well RS-232 for terminal or Host-computer.
  • The data transfer is done by a serial RS-485 interface.
  • Operation and control of all parts in service mode
  • In service mode all system devices can be tested and analysed by the central control unit
  • After power failure a lost carrier goes positively to the main-station
  • A monitoring device ensures that the system immediately goes back to state of standby, if a stored carrier is removed again.
  • With the addition of a compatible printer the CCU will print out a log of all transmissions. Information includes, date, time, sending and receiving stations and the continuous sending number. Backdated the last 120 sending processes are recallable. If valuable goods are transported, in addition also the operated tube switches can be printed out.
  • Printer can be set to print out system troubles only.
  • System data, topography and actual data are stored, also in case of power failure
  • Dry contact for building services control centre
  • Automatically or manually clearing
  • Real time clock
  • Programming mode. Topography- and system data will be entered and stored by the keyboard of the main-station.

Electronic overlap safeguard recognises a situation where two or more carriers are transported at the same time (for example in case of open stations), recognises the error and automatically return the carriers to their point of origin

ac24m system example

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