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Cash handling systems from Aerocom like the AC6000 MultiCash system connects checkout points AC6000
with a receiving station (a safe or lockable cabinet door) located in a secure area such as a main office. Stations can be positioned horizontally or vertically, depending on the layout and design of the checkout area. Typical applications include banks, toll stations, casinos and supermarkets. The PC or microprocessor controlled MultiCash system allows total control and flexibility.

Features of the AC6000/MultiCash System

  • PC or microprocessor controlled system
  • Graphical windows platform available
  • Extendable up to 50 stations
  • Remote maintenance
  • Report generator for all despatch and receiving activities
  • Data exchange of all sending information
  • All despatch information will be displayed
  • Authorisation at the sending stations with swipe-card, pin-code or with transponder reader

Continuous monitoring of electronics and power supply devices



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