Optimum transport and absolute safety

The PTS system connects all areas of the hospital, including separate suites from the Clinic area, the operating room, the Administration room, the inpatient area, the Pharmacy department, the sub-clinical department, etc. transport through the hospital. The system is designed with PVC tubes and modern processors, with tubes with diameters from 110 mm to 305 mm allowing the system to transport almost everything up to 280 mm diameter, length is almost 500 mm. Items weight up to 28kg can be transported at speeds up to 8m/s. In addition, the design of the tube helps to prevent contamination, moisture, and cross-contamination on the transportation route, ensuring safety and hygiene that traditional methods cannot do. Therefore, the tube system can transport almost all items in the hospital from simple such as: X-ray film, test results, medical records, documents, letters, … to objects. absolutely safe applications such as: patient samples, drugs, medical instruments, surgical instruments, ….

Everything with a “button”

The transportation of samples manually (sample delivery-receipt between medical staff and laboratory staff), especially in the large hospital. As for City Children’s Hospital, it takes nearly 4-5 hours. Including the stages of sample collection from 30 minutes to 60 minutes at the sampling area, the sample delivery staff moves to the Laboratory room for processing and waiting for the results to return, making the patient wait too long to receive test results. While the above can be replaced by simple operations on the PTS system, minimizing sample collection time and transport time.

With a micro-controller to carry out the transfer commands on demand, with high accuracy. When it is necessary to transport samples, medical staff only need to put the patient samples into the carrier, then put the carrier into the system, then press the button to start according to the instructions.

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