Project: Dong Thap General Hospital

Dự án Bệnh viện Đa Khoa Đồng Tháp

Project: Dong Thap General Hospital.

Investor: Dong Thap Department of Health.

Location: 39 Nguyen Van Tre, My Tan, City. Cao Lanh, Dong Thap.

Project scale: Including 02 main blocks with 10 floors and 04 floors.

Completion time: Under construction.

The work is divided into categories, including: the main building block with 2 blocks of 10 floors and 4 floors next to each other, construction area 10,383m2, construction floor area over 55,000m2; The house of the Department of Infection; Faculty of nuclear medicine and oncology; Department of Pathology; the guest house of the patient’s family…


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