SACA President proposes 7 solutions to develop Metro in Ho Chi Minh City

At the Conference “Contact and dialogue with the business community in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022” on August 31, Mr. Le Viet Hai, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Association of Construction and Building Materials (Ho Chi Minh City Association of Construction and Building Materials) SACA), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hoa Binh Construction Group gave a speech and proposed 7 recommendations on the development of the Metro system of Ho Chi Minh City.

According to the President of SACA, Ho Chi Minh City has developed very quickly, the urban appearance has changed a lot but also revealed many problems including the problem that the Chairman of the City People’s Council just mentioned, which is, how to exploit, use land, as well as invest in building projects with higher efficiency.

Currently, Ho Chi Minh City has 9 Metro projects, of which 2 are being implemented, including line 1 (Ben Thanh – Suoi Tien), line 2 (phase 1, Ben Thanh – Tham Luong) and preparation. invest in line 5, phase 1 (Saigon bridge – Bay Hien intersection). When Metro lines come into operation, the City will definitely have a new look.

However, how best to control that new look? How do these huge investments actually yield the highest socioeconomic returns? To solve this problem, as President of SACA, Mr. Le Viet Hai proposed 7 solutions to bring efficiency in construction and land use to invest in the construction of the Metro system in Ho Chi Minh City.

Content 7 recommends specific solutions that are: Need to plan land and clear the land with a minimum radius of 300m around the station instead of just clearing the area just enough to build the station, so it will ensure well control the implementation of the planning and effectively exploit the very valuable land around the station.

In parallel with the investment and operation of metro lines in vacant lands with planning and land clearance to build stations with a radius of up to 500m, in order to create an urban chain along the metro line, thereby to attract more customers. population to new urban areas. It is not necessary to build metro along densely populated areas. This solution will reduce pressure on densely populated urban areas and gradually exploit the Metro line effectively.

Along with that, it is necessary to have a reasonable land auction strategy, including regulations on investors’ rights. We need to subdivide the plots not too small, not too large to attract and attract many investors, and create competition on real estate products that bring the most benefits to home buyers. Should boldly remove the regulation on limiting the number of residents in the station area.

Limit high construction density, but not limit the number of floors, except for regulations on flight safety in order to make the most effective use of the space above the land for people’s living. Make sure the ground is well ventilated with a large amount of trees.

It is necessary to combine Metro construction with social housing policy, because it can be affirmed that this is the most suitable area to solve this problem, ensuring both quantity and quality for the welfare of a ministry. very large portion of the population.

Let’s build buildings right on the station as many countries have done because in this way, we will exploit the station land most effectively. Because when living right at the station, people will travel extremely convenient. The state has spent a lot of money to clear the metro construction and this is an effective solution to recover part of the investment capital.

Choose the optimal time to auction land use rights with the target of appropriately raised land asset value. Thus, Ho Chi Minh City will receive more budget. At that time, the investor’s construction was carried out and put into operation at the same time, so it was an effective thing for both parties. “According to my observations, there are locations where there is no infrastructure, the price is only 1/3 or less than when the infrastructure is completed”, Mr. Le Viet Hai mentioned.

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