Marketing Leader

Marketing strategy of Bright Star is to sell quality products, get many customers at low cost. Shining Star does not order TV, newspapers… What is the need for media when there are thousands and thousands of successful examples of learners? ???? All that Bright Star marketing does is tell good stories.

Size: 140 people

Location: D09, A10, Nam Trung Yen Urban Area, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Recruitment Content

Position: CMO – Marketing Director

► Job Description

The job of Marketing Manager at Bright Star?

1. Plan and coordinate the operation of the Marketing department to achieve the KPIs set by the company: revenue, number of customers and reduce advertising costs (details will be discussed in the interview)

  • Running multi-channel ads
  • Building Multi-channel Content Marketing (Web, Youtube…)

2. Training and developing staff of MKT department: Ensure enough personnel in terms of quantity and quality for projects

  • Standardize expertise and marketing mindset for each position (Training)
  • Building in-house learning programs (L&D, Wiki)
  • Recruitment coordination

► Request:

  • Bright Star only believes that you have successfully achieved the following metrics: number of orders, number of customers or revenue and unit price.
  • In order to train employees and handle problems, professional skills and thinking must be very hard: running multi-channel advertising, writing MKT content, writing landing pages… In which, MKT content is the most important.< /li>
  • Having a good MKT mindset and vision to plan and develop multi-channel Content. How to invest X budget to get Y customers in Z months. What is content strategy, what channels, funnel design, message, what resources are needed…  
  • Open mind. Good employees often give different opinions, department heads need to be open and analytical to make the right decisions with those ideas.
  • Critical thinking & problem solving. Find out the reasons why this month’s singles number decreased, why the spike, how to increase again?…
  • Marketing, good search and study skills. Bright Star accept that employees are somewhat weak in skills, but must make efforts to learn to improve. For a professional brain like Head of Department, the experience and available knowledge is never enough to achieve KPIs, 1235 only needs to miss one lesson to catch up with the company’s growth rate.< /i>
  • Communicate well and communicate clearly, clearly conveying goals and messages to employees.

(Candidates please attach the tasks that have been performed in the above requirements with your CV)

► Mode

Basic salary: 30,000,000 VND

Bonus: According to KPIs

Total income: 30,000,000 to 100,000,000 VND

► How to apply:

Interested candidates, please send an updated CV to the mailbox with the title: Marketing Manager_Full Name, The recruitment department will receive your CV and contact you as soon as possible for an official interview so that the two sides can understand each other better.

Looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

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